Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tanjore painting - 3rd stage - Gold foil

Just started with applying gold foil with arabic gum.


Poonam said...

Looks good already! Great job!

Nostalgia said...

Very nice.. way to go.

divya said...

Hi very nice work
could you please tell me the procedure for tanjaore painting.

Mitu said...

Hey Divya,

I wised I could.. but Tanjore painting is a very time consuming task.. Requires lots of patience and fine work.. which u can learn only by demonstration. See if u can find any videos on net..

divya said...

yes i understand ..i will check the videos...Thank u :)

Jagruti said...

Hey Mitu

Im impress with your this beautiful art..hats have tremendous patience to do this fine work..glad that i came here.


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