Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2nd Mural painting - Rajasthani Ladies with pot

Done with applying chalk powder and fevicol paste . And started applying m-seal threads on the outline of the traced figures..


Deepa said...

I love your mural paintings. Could you give a detailed list of materials needed and the method? Where do you get the stuff and designs from?

sgp said...

Nice design ,what is the material used as the base?plywood?How can u apply the m seal so thin as thread?could u pls tell the procedure?

Mitu said...

Sjp, Deepa,

Material required:
fabric colors

sgp said...

How to make m seal in thread (thin) form? I could not do it , Pls guide me

Iniyaazh - இனியாழ் said...

Loved your mural paints. Very creative... I the painting done on canvas or wood ?

madhavi said...

thank u so much....miss u art work..what u doing?

Mitu said...

:) Currently busy with finishing the table cloth.. it should be done by this weekend.. then need to finish the mural painting too..
And hopefully gone start Tanjore painting..

Planning to utilise all three long weekends..

tulip said...

Hi Mitu,

I simply loved ur work. I am inspired to do it..need ur help ..can you plse send me the trace my email id is..tulipsen2000@gmail.com.How did u apply the m seal so thin as thread? wating for ur response..thnx in advance

Anonymous said...

hi mitu,planning to do mural like urs as u hve posted the materials required but how to get the design.